Say what you will about America…

…twenty-five bucks still gets you one hell of a record player.

It’s a Magnificent Magnavox Radio-Phonograph! Everything in it is fully functional, with the exception of the turntable motor. Should be easy enough to fix. The record player allows you to stack up 10 records. There is also an adaptor that also allows you to stack up to ten 45s. The stacking mechanisms work as well as the needle arm.

The radio is fully functional as well. Right now we have it on Jack fm and are listening to “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite. Apparently somewhere on here you can insert a tape player.

The front cabinet door slides pretty well and is in good shape. The screen is metal and is in exceptional shape.

It even came with the original owner’s manual. I just wish it told us what year it was made, because we can’t find this model online.

The record shelf is incredibly clean and does not have any paint chipped out of it. The wire racks are sturdy and don’t have any hint of rust.

Other than the turntable motor and a little dust on the inside, this thing is badass and was probably the best $25 we have ever spent!

OH, also i bought this!


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8 responses to “Say what you will about America…”

  1. Kittridge says :

    That’s pretty great – especially for 25 bucks!

  2. Cesar says :

    That looks sweet. I love the metal screen.

  3. Friendly Communist says :

    Oh man I love that thing. I found a bigger one at a thrift store one day, but it was way too expensive and I had no way of getting it home. That is super awesome though man I hope you are able to get it to work.

  4. Friendly Communist says :

    Oh I also noticed your Buffy and Walking Dead on your shelf. Or I guess that Stevi’s side. Either way. Nice.

    • casinoskunk says :

      Yeah, that is Stevi’s side. My side has Invincible, Green Lantern and Madman. We actually both read the Kirkman books though. She started reading Walking Dead first and i read Invincible first, but we both love them.

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