Podcast: Rejected Titles and Album Art

As you all read, I will be co-hosting a new LOST podcast called The Tail End. But naming a podcast is really tough to figure out. In fact, naming a podcast is probably the toughest part of starting one up. There were several suggestion made and we also came up with some artwork for each one. Check out the rejected podcast titles and artwork below.

The Tail End Podcast Rejected Titles

I liked this title. It really represented the “Re-Watch” aspect of the show. This was our fallback title if we could not come up with something better by the time it came to record.

The Tail End Podcast Rejected Titles

We loved the title The Tail End, but the album art left something to be desired. This was a tough design to nail down.

The Tail End Podcast Rejected Titles

Here is a title that i really liked. I liked it so much that i decided to check Gmail, Twitter and Blogspot for availability. Beth thought it was too plain. I was fighting for this one, but it just didn’t work out.

The Tail End Podcast Rejected Titles

This is one of Beth’s entries that i really liked. Even though it did not encompass the entire series, we both liked the fact that we would be broadcasting from “Bear Village”. This was easily our favorite logo, which is HEAVILY based on the LOST University logo, one would say it is lifted. We liked this logo so much that we almost went with Bear Village, then i decided to try to incorporate the Bear Village logo into The Tail End title, and there you have it…The Tail End!


Squirrel Baby on Board
Lost Pieces
Landing Party
Letting Go
Turn of the Screw
Jack’s Eye
The Eyeland
Parting Words
We Have to go Back!
Return to the Island
Flashbacks: A Lost Rewatch
Lost Rewound
The Cock Pit
Waaaaaaaaaaaalt!: The Podcast


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5 responses to “Podcast: Rejected Titles and Album Art”

  1. Shawn says :

    Like the name and album art, but “We have to go back” would have been an awesome name. Not sure about album art though. Also like the name “Waaaaaaaaaaaalt!: The Podcast”, but would have only worked if you had Jay record the intro. His Michael impress always cracks me up.

    I’m surprised no name suggestions based on Greatest (h)its. Although then I think the show would need to focus more on the cleavage in each episode, and maybe Beth isn’t so interested in that.

  2. Anfield Fox says :

    Two favorites are “The Tail End” (yes really) and as the user above me suggested, “We have to go back” would have also been great.

    Really overall that’s an impressive list of titles you rejected.

    Looking forward to this podcast. Not been the same since GJB ended. Thanks for doing this.

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