The Walking Dead

AMC The Walking Dead


If you haven’t read Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, i would highly recommend that you pick up the Trade Paper Backs. As you may or may not know, i am not much of a reader. I like comic books in small doses, but when Stevi kept raving about The Walking Dead i decided to pick them up. I believe she had already picked up the 8 tpb by the time i picked them up. I had taken a few of them with me to work and ended up reading 5 full trades in one day. It is a great zombie book, that reminds me a lot of LOST and Stephen King. It is the story of a bunch of people with varying personalities trying to cope with each other while trying to survive being killed by the walking dead.

When i heard that Frank Darabont was going to direct the AMC series i got really excited. His last film, The Mist, had a very similar tone to The Walking Dead comics and he felt like the perfect choice. Everything i have seen from the series looks faithful to the book and top notch. I am extremely fired up for this show!


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