Fall Television

This week i watched a lot of television. I am not that big on TV shows, but i thought i would give a lot of the new shows a shot. I was surprised with how much i enjoyed television this week. I guess i was really starving for entertainment.


30 Rock

30 Rock returned with a bang. I like 30 Rock, but for the past season or two it felt like it was just going through the motions. I love all the characters but, along with The Office, has been feeling really stale. With all that being said, i have to say that Season 5 premier of 30 Rock was really great. I laughed a lot. I sort of wish that they left Jenna as a Producer, because i thought that would have been a great way to keep the show interesting. I also thought that Matt Damon nailed it!

★ ★ ★ ★


America’s Best

Alton Brown America's Best

As if it wasn’t enough to know what each Food Network stars feel is “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, now Alton Brown and Food Network Magazine has come up with a Top 10 list for different categories of foods (ie: American Classics, Sweets, Comfort Foods). I love The Food Network and i also love list shows. This is a given for me, with the exception of Alton Brown. I appreciate his knowledge of cuisine, but i can’t stand the way he addresses the camera, with his robotic motions and weird cadence. I am willing to put up with it as long as he continues to show shots of amazing looking food.

★ ★ ★



NBC Chuck season 4

Speaking of going through the motions, Chuck returned for it’s fourth season. Four Seasons?! Wow, for a show that was “on the bubble” at the end of season one and two, i can’t believe that they made it this far. Even though Chuck does not challenge my mind in the slightest, i love the characters so much. The show is silly, unbelievable and fun. For the last season and a half there has been so many twists and turns that it continually straddled the line between insane fun and jumping the shark. It’s as if the creators of the show treat each show like it’s the last, which at one time was probably was. The new season is pretty insane. In this season they moved transformed the Buy More into a high tech government facility. Okay, i will go along with it, as long as they bring back Jeffster!

★ ★ ★



NBC Community season 2

As i mentioned above, The Office and 30 Rock were kind of doing more of the same and were kind of stale the past couple seasons. Last year when i started watching Community, which for me blasted those other shows out of the water. In fact i actually came to love Community more than any of the other shows on NBC’s Thursday night line up. The characters are great, the writing is fantastic and they actually made Chevy Chase funny again. I love this show so goddam much! And even though they included the overrated Betty White, i actually thought she was pretty funny in on the show. Community is back, and it’s my favorite show currently on television!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



NBC The Event

I guess that i cannot talk about The Event without talking about LOST. I went into the Event knowing that i should give this show a chance based on it’s own merits, and not compare it to my favorite show of all time, but the similarities are so in your face that it is difficult not to compare it. This show is obviously trying to fill a void and it almost works. The Event does not have the punch that LOST does but it is intriguing. The thing that i hate the most about The Event is that it caters to a dumbed down audience. You see, just like the later seasons of LOST, The Event decides to jump around timelines as opposed to telling a linear story. I actually don’t mind this style of story telling, but the problem with this show is that when they come back to any given scene, they revisit way too much from the last time we saw it. It would be fine if they used different camera angles or change up the editing from the first time they showed it, but they don’t even do that. It gets really monotonous. Imagine if throughout an entire episode of LOST they had the “Previously On LOST” voiceover guy pop in to tell you where you left off or reminded you of what happened before. They have to spoon feed you each scene so you can keep track. I think if they ditched all of these rehashing of scenes, they would actually be able to include at least 5 minutes of additional story and character development. With all of the annoying rehashing that was going on, i was surprised that I actually got sucked into the story by the end of the episode. I am not sure if the ending of this episode (where the plane disappears) is The Event, but it got me fired up. I really hope that this show is about Aliens and UFOs, also i hope they bring back “Denny” from The Cosby Show.

★ ★ ★


Hawaii 5-0

CBS Hawaii 5-0

No, I did not watch this because Daniel Dae Kim from LOST was on it. I actually watched this because i like dumb action cop shows. Back when LOST first started, NBC aired 7 episodes of a cop show called Hawaii, and i loved watching it. It was dumb, action packed and totally fun!! I am not one to watch CSI or SVU, i like shows that remind me of The A-Team, Magnum PI and Knight Rider. Hawaii 5-0 fits the bill. I know it does not make me think, but it makes me sit back and enjoy mindless fun. The jokes are funny, the one liners are super retarded and the action is way more over the top than it has a right to be. Hawaii 5-0 is great!!

★ ★ ★ ★


The Office

NBC The Office

Well, The Office returned and it was more of the same. I did not like the cold opening of season 7 at all! I get it that they are trying to make a youtube video, but i feel like the producers of the show where trying to get their Hulu numbers up, virally. Other than that opening there was a lot of weird changes in with the characters that “happened during the summer”. Some are interesting and some are whatever. They are trying to make Pam and Jim grow apart and trying to start a new love triangle between Erin, The Nard Dog and that weird new dude that creeps me out. I did like Michael’s Nephew, but only because he was funny in Kick-Ass. I only wish he was utilized more. We all know that this is Steve Carrell’s final year on the show, but the cliffhanger at the end was a bit much. I still love these characters, but the last few seasons they have really turned into a parody of themselves and it is kind of getting old.

★ ★ ½



NBC Outsourced

With Parks and Recreation not on yet, we decided to give Outsourced a chance. It was alright, but they did one too many “India is a different culture” jokes. They already did the whole “Cows are Sacred” thing and curry make you poo for five days. Really? All the jokes were kind of lazy, but i guess when it comes to pilot episodes, you have to please the networks. I am hoping if this show continues it gets more into the characters as opposed to just rehashing that the American manager cannot understand Indian culture. Don’t exploit the differences, embrace them!! I will give this show one more chance, but i have a feeling i haven’t seen my last Curry Diarrhea Joke.

★ ★


The Price is Right

CBS The Price Is Right

Yep, The Price is Right is back for it’s 39th season! Many rumors were flying around that there was going to be major changes on the show and that it would be more like a “Variety Show”, but it was pretty much the same as normal, with a few adjustments. The first and most notable adjustment was the fact that Rich Fields was not the announcer. Right now they are trying out 3 guest announcers, but we have only seen one and he sucks. The next change is that the models (formerly known as Barker’s Beauties) wearing microphones. It may not seem like a big deal, but it really threw me for a loop. I don’t mind it, but it is different. The final thing i noticed is a major change in Drew Carey and no i am not talking about his weight loss. It appears that after three years of hosting TPIR, someone told him to go back and watch some Bob Barker shows, because Drew seems to be more serious and direct when it comes to actually being the host. He still has the chance to poke jabs at the contestants, which is what Bob used to do, but he is acting a bit more sophisticated and less like a child with a show. The one complaint i have is that they have been airing two new episodes a day, which is way more TPIR than i need to spend my time watching, so i just watch the 10am one.

★ ★½


Running Wilde

FOX Running Wilde

This is, hands down, my favorite new show of the fall season! From executive producer Michell Hurwitz (arrested development) comes this comedy starring Will Arnett and Keri Russell. I was surprised how much i loved this show. I cannot wait until next week’s episode and i hope that everybody gives it a shot. If you like Arrested Development and Community, then you will like this show. The standout performance on the show is definitely Peter Serafinowicz. The dude is a genius! I cannot recommend watching the pilot episode enough. Even though i hate Glee, i am glad that the success of that show leads into this one. It appears that Running Wilde had some decent ratings and wish it many years of success!! Get out there and watch it before FOX pulls the plug on it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The Undercovers

NBC The Undercovers

After watching Hawaii 5-0 i was starting to get really excited for this show. I like JJ Abrams and was looking forward to a fun, action, adventure, spy show.  All i got was an hour of boring television. This show was so boring that i have yet to finish watching the pilot. You would think that since it was directed by JJ that it would be entertaining, but you can tell he was phoning it in and not spending much thought on the project. The main characters are boring, the sidekick was annoying and there was no mystery to their mission. All they did for the whole show was go to a different country, find a clue and move on to the next country. I did not care at all about these people and the sidekick that was meant for comic relief was annoying. I think this show will be the first to get deleted from my season pass list.


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