8 Weeks Remain – 285lbs.

Alright, so apparently i have gain 3 pounds since last week. I am not one to blame the scale, but something is definitely up with this week’s weigh in. I did go to a party on Saturday, but do not feel that because of what i ate i gained 3 pounds. I can see me losing only one or two, but a gain of 3 makes no sense. I have continued to monitor what i have been eating and i went for a 5 mile walk yesterday. I also weighed in early this morning prior to eating breakfast. I have no idea what happened this week, but i will see if i can get on another scale to double check my results. VERY UPSETTING!!!

START – 297lbs.

WEEK 1 – 289lbs.

Week 2 – 287lbs.

Week 3 – 282lbs.

Weak 4 – 285lbs.



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7 responses to “8 Weeks Remain – 285lbs.”

  1. Slik says :

    I wish you good luck with the weight Lose… I have learned the hard way while completing my 1500 cal diet that the trick is drink a lot of water and watch what you eat because even if it’s moderated portions of food intaking the wrong types of food can cause sabotaging effects such as the body to be sluggish and lack of energy and also weight gain which usually results in gaining more than lost in a very short time span…

    Keep Focus and you will succeed with your goal remember it’s not a marathon but an steady process that takes determination if you become discourage just remember the next day is a new day and clean start…

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