Dork Blocked!

Green Lantern Film Censored.

For a while today i was unable to post anything on my blog. I could not figure it out until i read the above warning in my dashboard. The only thing i could think of that would cause this, was the Green Lantern movie images that i had posted a couple weeks ago. So i went to check them out and all posts with with pictures, including the EW publicity picture of Hal Jordan, was set to Private. I did not set them to private, WordPress must have.

I contacted WordPress to ask them what i needed to do to be able to post again and i did not get a response. Then a few minutes ago i noticed that i had access to posting again. I guess when they set the posts to private, it put me back in the clear to post again.

I have gone back to all my posts and deleted the pictures and replaced it with the banner above. I also set all the posts to public, so that i can always remember the time that Warner Brothers paid attention to this blog. There are some posts that WordPress did not set to Private, so i left those images up.

As you can see from all of my posts, i loved all of the images and didn’t have a single bad thing to say about them. I am fired up for the movie and will continue to post news as it comes in.

I am fine with taking the pictures down, but i think it is weird that they would want me to remove the Hal Jordan picture that was made for Publicity for the film. Wouldn’t they want me to spread that picture around? Isn’t getting the word out on that picture the whole reason it was in the magazine to begin with? I guess i just don’t understand why Warner Bros wouldn’t want fans to spread the word on this huge Gamble that is the Green Lantern Film.



Warner Brothers Contacted WordPress

Wow, so i guess Warner Brothers reads Casinoskunk.Com. So i took the pictures down and contacted WordPress. I noticed that the blog with the picture of Hal Jordan from EW was not on the list of items to be removed, so I contacted WordPress to see if this meant i could actually keep that picture of HAL JORDAN up on my blog. If so, i will repost that picture so you can all check it out.

274 Days Until Release


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4 responses to “Dork Blocked!”

  1. Michael Kirschner says :

    If I were you I would have consulted a lawyer before talking about this incident online. Often times major studios like Warner Brothers will bully small website owners through intimidation.

    • Casinoskunk says :

      Are you kidding? It’s just pictures. I dont care about taking them down. I thinks it’s awesome that they noticed my page to begin with. The best thing about it is that it legitimizes the photos and shows how much care is going into the project. You think that Sony would care if I leaked Ghost Rider 2 photos? Probably not.

      Besides, it’s not like I was the person who first posted these. I got them from another site. They are still up all over the place. I am not going to fight for something I did not initiate. It’s not my battle. The reason why I was concerned about the Hal Jordan, is because I am the one who scanned it from a magazine. I have not seen another one on the web. In fact if I put that one back up I will put a casinoskunk watermark on it.

      But I seriously don’t mind taking the pictures down. It was fun getting contacted by Warner Brothers to take action. How many people can say that? about their blog? It’s totally awesome!! That letter from their lawyer is awesome! Can you believe that Warner Brothers has a guy who does this for a living? And that dude’s job today was investigating

      I feel like a total badass!! I feel like a winner in this scenario!!

      • Darby O'Gill says :

        Congratulations! Maybe Warner Bros. will option the film rights to The Movie!

  2. casinoskunk says :

    A movie with me starring along side James Bond, Green Lantern, Godzilla and Tron?!

    Could be the greatest movie of all time!!

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