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Green Lantern and Sinestro


Just before Comic-con last July, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first (torso only) image of Ryan Reynolds in the CGI Green Lantern costume. While it was not EXACTLY like the comics, even purists warmed to it. But now more info has been revealed by former CBMer Pietro Filipponi who has seen media and art showcasing Reynolds wearing the title character’s iconic suit.

From his descriptions, its closer to the comics version than originally thought, although not the classic style shown above. As mentioned, he cannot show the stills since he is under a ban from Warner Bros, but here are the tasty tid-bits:

•The CGI suit will first appear when Hal (Reynolds) is on the planet Oa, where he goes after creating his first green energy construct, and the ring leads him there for training.

•The suit, made out of “hard light” is a rich green except on the arms, legs and waist which are black.

•There are darker striated lines (like we saw on the EW cover) which separate the green and black.

•The glowing green “fluctuates” in intensity according to the control and willpower that Hal exerts over the ring.

•The green of the front comes to a point at the base of Hal’s abdomen and does NOT extend to cover Hal’s privates and badonkadonk as depicted in most of the comics versions.

•The suit does glow faintly around the ring bearer when flying. There is lots of flying in the film.

•The ring is shown pretty much as we have seen already: silver band with a green center stone, although there will be a CGI glow to it when we see it on film.

•The power battery will indeed be different from the comics, but match the look of the rings. The handles are “squared off” and static (do not swing)and they also sport a larger jewel at the center.

•The Green Lantern oath is inscribed around the power battery jewel and the corps member must recite it in order to charge their rings.

•The energy constructs will take many forms, including basic shields, swords, power blasts, a semi truck, dune buggy, fighter jet and anti-aircraft gun.

•The first trailer for Green Lantern will be with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in November.

Of course all this info is subject to the editing bay, so don’t hold us to every detail.

The Green Lantern will arrive in theaters June 17th, 2011.


Below is an artist rendering of the Costume Description.

Green Lantern Film Costume Design

281 Days Until Release


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