10 Weeks Remain – 287lbs.

AHHH!! Alright, i am a little disappointed that i only lost two pounds over the past week. I know for a fact that i have been eating well, but there was a gray area during saturday when i went to a surprise party. I counted my calories and only drank one Ginger Ale that wasn’t diet. I ate a small chicken breast and some pasta salad (no mayo). I did have a half of cup of Artichoke Mac and Cheese, but there is no way i went over my calorie limit. I suppose i should start doing some big time exercise.

START – 297lbs.

WEEK 1 – 289lbs.

Week 2 – 287lbs.


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10 responses to “10 Weeks Remain – 287lbs.”

  1. paulyS says :

    My wife has good weeks and bad weeks, this week she put on 2lbs, but over the last three months she has lost 34, so its important not to become disheartened…

    Also, when you loose all this weight, can I have your old T shirts!

  2. Becky Kleinman says :

    You are doing great Rally!!! 😀 2 pounds is still a big feat! Did you guys join a team for this? If so, what’s your team name?

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