Madman Atomica!

Michael Allred's Madman Atomica

“Written and art by Michael Allred and various–including Joëlle Jones, Chynna Clugston Flores, Jason Bone, and more–cover by Allred.

The perfect companion to the now classic Madman Gargantua
collection, this over-sized hard cover collection contains the complete
Madman Atomic Comics series, The Atomics series, and the many now
out-of-print one-shots, plus a huge pile of extras, pin-ups, and
rarities! This classy tome will energize bookshelves and coffee tables
the world over! Collects Madman Atomic Comics #1-18, The Atomics #1-16,
Madman King-Sized Super Groovy Special, It Girl (One-Shot) & Mr.
Gum (One Shot).

900 pages, $125, in stores on Nov. 24 (Signed and numbered limited edition, $150).”


I don’t know why i don’t talk about Madman that much over here. I love Madman! He is one of my favorite comic book characters. A few years ago, the creator of the book released a book called Madman Gargantua. It was a huge 852 page, oversized hardcover. It is my favorite book that i own and i actually got to have Mike and his wife Laura (Mike’s Colorist) to sign it at Neon Monster in San Francisco. I am glad to see that there is going to be this companion piece to Gargantua and cannot wait for it to come out!!

Madman Gargantua


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