12 Weeks Remain – 297lbs.

So today was the first weigh in for The Long Beach Losers 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Over the next 12 Wednesdays i will weigh in to check my progress on my weight loss. Every Wednesday i will also be updating my blog. I figure that if i update the blog, it will show off my progress and give me some motivation to keep it up.

Many people have asked me what my plan will be and it is simple. I will cut out Soda, Mayonnaise and Cheese. In addition, i will contemplate doing some exercise. For the last few weeks i have been indulging in some of my favorite unhealthy foods and got my weight up to 297lbs.

Look how sad i look in those pictures. I am sure by the end of the challenge i will will have a smile and better make up on!

I will give you an update on the challenge one week from tonight.


How do you win the contest?

  1. For the grand prizes, we will present the winning team’s teammates and the overall biggest individual loser with at least $1,000. Remember, the overall goal in this contest is for each participant to lose weight over the entire 12-week period. We feel that the outline/rules below for “how to win” will help to achieve that goal for all involved.
  2. Cash grand prizes will be awarded to the winning teams (divided equally by teammates who complete the contest and who are paid up), based on the sum of the individual teammates’ weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in). It is therefore most beneficial to keep your teammates on your team and losing weight. We expect to offer cash to at least the top-10 placed teams for this team grand prize.
  3. Cash grand prizes will also be awarded to the biggest individual losers, based on individual weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in). We expect to offer cash to at least the top-ten placed individuals for this individual grand prize.
  4. Grand prize awards will be given only to the teammates on a team who are still active and paid-up in the contest as of the final weigh-in. Any winning team’s teammates who are not active and paid-up in the contest on the last weigh-in date will forfeit his/her share of the grand prize money. Forfeited money will be donated to the nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team.
  5. Cash grand prizing for teams and for individuals is expected to be approx. 10 deep (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places). The exact number of winning teams and individuals will be made known only at the awards ceremony.
  6. All team and individual winners will split the jackpot (amounts and percentages to be determined in the final weeks of the contest).
  7. All cash winners must first sign a W-2 form provided by the Community Action Team (CAT) at the awards ceremony before they receive their cash.
  8. All persons registered in the Losers contest (even those on teams) are eligible for the individual loser awards.
  9. It is possible to win one or more team prizes and an individual loser prize.
  10. Award amounts to be determined by the amount of fees collected into the jackpot over the course of the contest.
  11. These rules and guidelines may be updated and/or changed, as necessary, by Justin Rudd and the Long Beach Losers contest organizers.


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15 responses to “12 Weeks Remain – 297lbs.”

  1. Pauly says :

    In support of your endeavor I will eat TWICE as much lardy food and cheeseburgers than I normally do…

  2. Suzanne says :

    GO Ralph. !!!!

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