Body Count for The Expendables’ Cast

Expendables' Body Count StatsSOURCE

For some reason, Arnold is left off the poster. I have checked online and it looks like Arnold has a body count of 531 in 31 films. Apparently 102 of those kills come from Commando!!

Here is his body count for the end of Commando!


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2 responses to “Body Count for The Expendables’ Cast”

  1. Robin says :

    Stallone only killed ONE person in First Blood?? I don’t remember Masters of the Universe being that much of a bloodbath! Randy Couture is an actor????

    • casinoskunk says :

      Yep. Rambo throws a rock in a helicopter and the dude trying to shoot him falls out.

      I don’t remember Masters of the Universe either, but Dolph wins by the amount of “movies” he has been in. Dolph made 6 more movies than Arnold and only scored 101 kills higher than him. Arnold killed more than 101 in Commando alone. I think if Arnold made more shitty “straight to video” movies, he would have OWNED Lundgren!

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