Green Lantern Behind the Scenes – 342

It has been a really long time since there has been any real Green Lantern movie news. With Comic Con coming up in just two weeks, every Green Lantern fan will be chomping at the bit to see what Martin Campbell and Ryan Reynolds will  say about the film. Recently Martin Campbell gave some tidbits to Empire Magazine concerning Comic Con.

“We are going to Comic-Con,” the director confirmed in an interview with this months Empire Magazine. “Given the release date, it’s our only shot. But it’s early. We don’t finish shooting until August.”

“We’ll have something, though.” he added when pressed for info on exactly what fans can expect to see in a couple of weeks time.“Ryan Reynolds will be there. We’ll make some noise.”

As for the tone of the upcoming movie, Campbell said: “You’ve got to just play it as real. The constructs are very important for the mythos. We’re going for somthing realistic, but still stylised.”

“He has tremendous wit,” he says of the film’s leading man Ryan Reynolds, “but he isn’t comical!”

So because the movie will be released prior to next year’s Con, this is the only chance to promote the film in San Diego. Although he says that he is still shooting through August, i know that they have been shooting footage since March. They also have completed shooting the Abin Sur scene, which i believe will be shown at Comic Con. I am sure that there is plenty of makeup test for Hector Hammond as well as Sinestro. Even if they have a lot to shoot, they still have Animation tests as well as Costume and Alien designs to show off.

I will definitely give you all an update as soon as i leave the Green Lantern panel from Comic Con!!

Behind the scenes at Ferris Aircraft.


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