Green Lantern Comics – Catch Up!

A lot of people tell me that they want to start reading Green Lantern, but don’t know where to start. If you want to catch up to Geoff Johns’ upcoming “Brightest Day” story line, I am here to help. For some reason DC doesn’t concern itself with letting you know what Volume Number you are reading, so here is the order in which to read the complete story.

Vol. 1 – Green Lantern: Rebirth
Vol. 2 – Green Lantern: No Fear
Vol. 3 – Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns
Vol. 4 – Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan
Vol. 5 – Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War vol. 1
Vol. 6 – Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War vol. 2
Vol. 7 – Green Lantern: Tales of the Sinestro Corps (optional back stories)
Vol. 8 – Green Lantern: Secret Origins
Vol. 9 – Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns (also contains the Alfa Lantern miniseries)
Vol. 10 – Green Lantern: Agent Orange
Vol. 11 – Blackest Night
Vol. 12 – Blackest Night: Green Lantern

“Tales of the Sinestro Corps War” which talks about a lot of side stories from Sinestro Corps War but are unnecessary to the main story line.

Geoff Johns has mentioned that he has been working on this Blackest Night story line since Green Lantern issue 4 (which appears in “No Fear”). If you just want to enjoy Blackest Night, without forking out all the cash for Vol. 1-9, i would suggest that you use wikipedia to catch up to and through The Sinestro Corps story line, then start reading volume 7 (Secret Origins).



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6 responses to “Green Lantern Comics – Catch Up!”

  1. Montreal Jones says :

    Swett list Ralph! But what about Blackest Night tie ins on other books? And what about GL Corps? Would I be missing out on much by avoiding that book? YOU THE MAN!

    • casinoskunk says :

      I love the Green Lantern Corps book. They are not all essential, but they are definitely great! GLC is actually included in those Sinestro Corps hardcovers. That is why there is two volumes.

  2. Dan Kelly says :

    This is really helpful Ralph! Thanks very much!

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