89 Forever and Space Paranoids!

Since last Comic Con i have been following the Tron Legacy “ARG”. So far there has been some shit that has gone down. A few months back i recieved THIS in the mail. Then they announced an EVENT in San Francisco. I ATTENDED the event and it was amazing! A couple of days ago the SPACE PARANOIDS site went live! Sure it is seems to be just a countdown clock, but you can still blast those nasty Recognizers!! In fact, you can blast 999 of them and because i did, i received the following stuff in the mail!!

A familiar Package!!

I received these two flyers that let me know my accomplishments!!

There was a couple of stickers with Sam Flynn’s 89 Forever logo on it. 1989 was a pivotal year for Sam Flynn, as it was the year that his father Kevin Flynn disappeared!

This tiny package was also included!!

It contained a sweet Space Paranoids pin complete with the Encom logo!!

It also included this 89 Forever pin!!

This was a surprise and was really cool to find in the mailbox. I don’t do a lot of nerdy things, but this one is becoming well worth the effort!!

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2 responses to “89 Forever and Space Paranoids!”

  1. Gary Poole says :

    I am dying to get one of the 89 forever decals. Where can I get one, buy one or find one? Reply to Poolegs@Verizon.net

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