Tax Day Tea Party

I never really get political on the blog or in real life, but this whole Tea Party thing is getting out of control and there is only one organization to blame. FOX News. This shows you just what kind of brainwashing FOX News is feeding these morons. I wish i could fight these old farts.

Is that Victoria Jackson?


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3 responses to “Tax Day Tea Party”

  1. Michael Kirschner says :

    The only way to fight them is to be smart and civil, the minute you stoop down to their level of immaturity is when you give them exactly what they want

  2. Gary says :

    The only way to beat them is vote and be politically active. They are planning to elect Republicans idiots who kiss Sarah Palin’s ass in November. The only thing that will stop that will be a grownswell of support for those people who are running to fulfill the a progressive agenda. You know, liberty, free speech and shit.

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