My Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Artists


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#5 Patrick Gleason

Patrick Gleason is the current artist on “Green Lantern Corps”. I love all of his work on GLC, but especially THIS picture portraying Kyle Rayner’s “death”. Don’t worry, he is okay.









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#4 Joëlle Jones

Joëlle is a great up and coming artist. She has recently worked on Jamie S. Rich’s fantastic Detective Noir book “You Have Killed Me” as well as “Twelve Reasons I Love Her”. You can also see her work in the pages of “Madman Atomic Comics” #16, “Dr. Horrible” and the upcoming “Spell Checkers”!



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#3 Ryan Ottley

Ryan Ottley is the current artist of one of my all time favorite books, “Invincible”. He has never made violence looked so clean. Ryan’s work can also be seen in “The Haunt” and his 24 Hour Comic Project “Space Grub”. His work is nothing short of amazing!






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#2 Ivan Reis

Ivan is the currently one of the artists for the upcoming Green Lantern book “Brightest Day”. He has spent the last several years creating immense battle scenes in the pages of “Green Lantern” and “Blackest Night”







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#1 Michael Allred

Back in the 90’s i started to stray away from Comic Books. Books like Youngblood and X-Treme and other Liefeld abominations were all the craze. All comics were was big guns, big boobs and big letdowns. After slowly letting my pull box overflow, i found “Madman”, a comic book that looked how a comic book should look.  Everything about Madman clicked with me and I have never turned my back on the book. Incidentally, i own the original art that is pictured above!







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6 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Artists”

  1. Bigyanks says :

    You list is pretty solid.

  2. casinoskunk says :

    Thanks man, i really dig these artist. Gleason’s pencil work is great, i am not too fond of the inking though.

  3. Stevi says :

    My hair is in that pic of Michael Allred!

  4. casinoskunk says :

    My shoulder is in that pic of Joëlle!

  5. Dan says :

    Oh snap!

    This is helpful to a comic newb like me…

    Which one should I buy a book from first? Any suggestions Skunk?

  6. Ralph- says :

    I will post my favorite books on Friday. It’s a tough call, depends on what you are into.

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