Kick Ass – Review

As you read here, i was not a fan of the comic book Kick Ass. Even though i hated the book with all my might, i was incredibly compelled to see the film. As you know, i was pissed at the book for not holding up to what it was advertised as. The good thing about the movie is that the advertising told you what this movie was going to be about. It was never advertised as costumed heroes in the real world. The movie does have some aspects of the real world, but Matthew Vaughn takes what was in the book and reworks it into his own reality.

In the comic book, they start off with a scenario that makes sense in our very own reality and then does a 180 and makes you feel like an idiot for believing that this would not have fantasy elements. That 180 comes courtesy of Hit Girl. In the movie, they introduce the characters of Hit Girl and Big Daddy early on. Because of the movie’s reworking of the timeline, we start to accept the fantasy elements right away. Once these characters were introduced i was able to separate myself from the sour taste that the books left and i was able to enjoy the film as it’s own unique entity.

I have to tell you, i was really surprised at how much i enjoyed Kick Ass.  I know a lot of you are going to say that i liked it because it was a gore fan’s wet dream, but to be honest with you i didn’t think it was as gory and violent than i expected. It was pretty violent, but the reason i loved the movie so much was the characters and the story. There are five main characters in the film and they all have great motivations and all of their actions make sense and serve the story well. The character dynamic between Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, Big Daddy, Red Mist and Frank D’Amico all work. The story is pretty dense, but it is great to follow what is going on in each character’s mind and how everyone’s actions affects each other.

All of the performances were great in the picture. I wouldn’t have recast the film in any way. I thought that everyone worked perfectly, especially Nicholas Cage. This may be my favorite Nicholas Cage performance since his portrayal of H.I. McDunnough in Raising Arizona. Even though he is playing up the camp, it feels real. He is obviously a madman, but in his madness he loves his daughter and you honestly feel that.

I can honestly tell you that Kick Ass was one of my favorite movies in a long time. I thought that it was a great refreshing view on Comic Heroes. Other than the jetpack, i felt that the movie was true to itself and the audience. Even though i am not a fan of the Kick Ass comic, i hope this film sparks an interest in the casually movie goer to pick it up and other books like it.

★ ★ ★ ★


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