Trine – Review

I am not one to download games, especially if they cost more than 10 dollars. There are a few exceptions to this “rule”: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Wipeout and now Trine. Trine is not the type of game that i would normally see myself playing. It is a casual side-scrolling puzzler set in a world of fantasy and i am not just talking normal fantasy, i am talking big time D&D Wizards and Elfs kind of fantasy here. I have no business purchasing this game. I am not into puzzles or lush dreamscapes filled with dayglow mushrooms and cottages, but i was bored, so i downloaded the demo. The demo was actually really fun and since Jeff, Jessica and Cesar got me a PS3 Network card for my birthday i decided to buy it.

Trine follows the exploits of three characters all armed with their own abilities. The game is a pretty basic left to right side-scrolling platform game, but the environments are physics based and you must use your wits to figure out which ability is best to overcome any obstacles that are presented to you. You can easily choose between each of the characters by hitting the R1 or R2 button. Once you choose your character, you can perform a variety of tricks to make  your way through each level.

The characters are pretty simple and have only a few moves, but between the three characters you have everything you need to make it through a level.

The Elf Thief:

The Elf is a female thief that has the ability to shoot a grapple hook and latch on to any wooden surface to swing to safety. She also has the only long range weapon, the bow and arrow. She is light and agile and can maneuver to heights that others cannot.

The Warrior:

Equipped with a sword and a shield, the Warrior is great for combatting the army of skeletons that have taken over the kingdom. The shield works great against falling rocks, boulders, swinging spikes and fireball attacks. The Warrior also has the ability to pick up and throw large objects, which allows him to knock down walls or droves of skeletons.

The Wizard:

The Wizard does not have any direct attacks, but it does not make him useless in the world of Trine. The Wizard has the ability to create objects such as wooden planks, boxes as well as hovering pyramid platforms. If your elf has died and you cannot shoot an arrow across the way at a skeleton, you can simply use the Wizard to create a box above the skeleton and drop it on them, crushing them into dust!

Here is a video showing off how each ability of the three travelers can be used to get through any situation.

As you can see, there is no right way to play the game. The more you hone your skills the better you can use them to get through without a scratch.

As you can tell from the video, the graphics are really colorful and beautiful. I kind of wish that i had one of those new 3d TVs, because this game would be perfect for it. The characters have a lot of personality and there is a lot of things to tinker with. The combinations are endless. You can play this game and it will never be the same twice.

If you have a PS3 and want to play a game that is not in your face action, i highly recommend Trine. It is a really casual platformer that is unique and a lot of fun. It is beautiful to look at and if you don’t want to go through it alone, you can bring along up to two friends to join in the adventure. Other than the final level being way to fast paced and more difficult than the rest of the game, it is a pretty nice and relaxing experience.

Trine is highly recommended!

★ ★ ★ ★½


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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

2 responses to “Trine – Review”

  1. ChrisInBoston says :

    This game looks sweet. Game physics look very interesting. It almost looks like an adult version of Scribblenauts mixed with Super Mario Bros. mixed with D&D.

    Too bad its not available on Xbox.

  2. casinoskunk says :

    From what i hear the closest thing that it resembles is Little Big Planet. I guess that they also have it on PC. I could see it coming to the XBOX in the future.

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