ENCOM’s Announcement In San Francisco!


Encom’s press conference will have some unexpected visitors (us!)

The suits over at Encom International are gearing up to make some grand pronouncement on April 2nd at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Looks like some notable figures will be in attendance, namely Alan Bradley and some of the executive wing of the company. We can’t wait to hear what Mr. Bradley has to say – as for the rest of them, we’re sure it’s the same old song-and-dance. They haven’t acknowledged Kevin Flynn for decades, so why would they start now?  We’re going to pay a little visit to their press conference to keep them honest – so get the word out and bring your friends. We need as many supporters there as possible. This is going to be big!


Guess who’s going to be in attendance?

(video report to follow)


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4 responses to “ENCOM’s Announcement In San Francisco!”

  1. palmereldritch says :

    arrrrgh!!! jealous.

  2. casinoskunk says :

    Me, Lenny and Jeremy decided last Saturday to make the trek. Don’t worry, i will be shooting a video of the whole experience and posting it here, just for those of you who can’t make it.

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