Over at my Formspring page, a few people had come up with a recurring feature for, which i thought was brilliant. Someone had asked if i would ever do a comic strip version of my life and post it on this blog. The funny thing about this blog is that i never really go into what is going on with me personally. I usually just post reviews and a handful of dopey recurring features (ie: SDVDCOTW and Rich Fields).

I would love to do a comic strip version of funny or strange things that happen to me from week to week. American Splendor comes to mind. The problem with doing this is that i don’t think there is enough interesting things going on in my life to warrant a regular feature. This isn’t to say that i wouldn’t do one if something crazy did happen.

Today i had some free time and decided to draw myself. It is not the best drawing of me, but i find it really amusing. I do not know why i did my nose so big, but it made me laughed, so i left it.  If i do a cartoon of my mundane life, i probably wont have time to color it as i did here.  I think i would do either a simple pencil version, or do a straight up ink sketch version. It would be more simple.

Anyway, keep an eye on this page and maybe you will see some more cartoons of me being me.


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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

7 responses to “Cartoon-O-Skunk”

  1. Michael Kirschner says :

    This is very good, the blue pants remind me of the Simpsons, not just the color but the way that it is drawn too. By the way mundaneity (is that a word?) creates the best comedy, in my opinion, the Life and Times of Tim come to mind.

  2. Ralph- says :

    But Tim always gets into situations that are extraordinary. By the way Stu’ Beverly Hill Cop Shower and The Rich Little text message made me cry!!

  3. paulyS says :

    I think cartoon Ralph should fight crime…

  4. Marcos says :

    This is great. But why do you look so sad? My depiction of Ralph is always jolly and smiling. I think its a requirement that all ralph cartoons have a big grin. 🙂

    Love this Ralph. I hope you do more!

  5. casinoskunk says :

    Apparently i am just really unamused. We’ll see what happens in the future, but most of the funny stories i have to share are me being frustrated with morons. We’ll see how it goes.

  6. Stevi says :

    Cartoon Ralph should be more hairy.

  7. casinoskunk says :

    I don’t want to put lines all over it. It would look like a crappy Liefeld drawing.

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