James Bond – The Attribute Havingest!

SEAN CONNERY – “The Boat Endingest”

Of the six 007 films that Sean Connery did, he ended on a boat five times.

Dr. No – Boat Ending (pictured above)
From Russia with Love – Boat Ending
Goldfinger – Non Boat Ending
Thunderball – Boat Ending
You Only Live Twice – Boat Ending
Diamonds are Forever – Boat Ending

GEORGE LAZENBY – “The Winter Sportingest”

Considering that George Lazenby was only in one Bond film, it’s insane that he participated in four different Winter Sports.

Winter Sports George Lazenby involved in:
Ice Demo Derby
Curling (pictured above)

ROGER MOORE – “The Boatingest”

Damn, this dude loved to drive a boat! Roger Moore had two boat chases in one movie!

Live and Let Die – Speed Boat Chase on the Bayou
The Man with the Golden Gun – Boat Chase in the Canals of Thailand
The Spy Who Loved Me – His Car turned into a boat and there was a Chase (also rode a Jet Ski)
Moonraker – Boat Chase in a Gondola in Venice and Speed Boat Chase in the Amazon
For Your Eyes Only – Got dragged from a Boat
Octopussy – A boat shaped like an alligator (pictured above)
A View to a Kill – Drove a boat shaped like an ice burg

TIMOTHY DALTON – “The Plane Hangingest”

Considering T-Dalt was only in two 007 films, he did plenty of hanging from air planes.

The Living Daylights – Hanging off the back of a giant cargo net (pictured above)
License to Kill – Hanging on the tail of Sanchez’s Plane, Hanging off of Krest’s Plane, Hanging off his own plane.

PIERCE BROSNAN – “The Free Fallingest”

Brosnan started off his career as 007 by doing a bungee jump.

Goldeneye – Bungee Jump, Chasing a plane off a cliff
Tomorrow Never Dies – Falling from a building with Michelle Yeoh, The H.A.L.O. jump.
The World is not Enough – Falling out of an office building, Falling from a hot air balloon, Jumping out of a helicopter on skis, Diving off a cliff while chasing a submarine (pictured above).
Die Another Day – Falling off a cliff and parasailing to safety, Falling out of a plane in a helicopter

DANIEL CRAIG – “The Object Tossingest”

Of the two movies he has done, he sure likes to get rid of things once they are of no use to him.

Casino Royale – Tosses Car keys of some douchebags he teaches a lesson to, He tosses poker chips as if they don’t deserve his time.
Quantum of Solace – Tosses room keys, a cell phone, Vesper’s love knot, an oil can (pictured above) and a door knob.



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5 responses to “James Bond – The Attribute Havingest!”

  1. pursuit agent says :

    It is hard for me to picture this object tossing without an appropriate screen capture to go along with it…

  2. Ralph- says :

    I looked everywhere online for something remotely looking like him tossing things, but there wasn't anything anywhere. Unfortunately i do not have either film on dvd, so i cant grab my own screencaps. I may have to Netflix them and grab every instance of him tossing an object, then be the internets source for that specific information.

  3. Ralph- says :

    I found a site with a bunch of screencaps for James Bond movies!http://screenmusings.org/James-Bond.htm

  4. Paul Spooner says :

    Daniel Craig IS a bit of a tosser…(good James Bond though)

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