After six years without a James Bond film, 007 would return with an all new actor stepping into the roll. Pierce Brosnan was the perfect choice. Years before he appeared in Goldeneye, the producers had their sights set on him. During the making of For Your Eyes Only, Brosnan would visit the set, which starred his wife Cassandra Harris. The producers even wanted to have him replace Roger Moore in A View to a Kill, but he was still under contract for Remington Steele.

In 1995, the stars finally aligned and Pierce Brosnan stepped into one of the most boring Bond films of all time. Goldeneye was the first 007 movie that i saw in the theater and i was super amped! At the beginning of the film, there is this awesome bungie jump sequence that was super badass, unfortunately it was followed up by a bluescreen jump off a cliff. This is the worse part about the Brosnan era. There is too much CG. I am fine with space stations being special fx in 007 films, but when the stunts are cg, it’s just lame! The whole point of James Bond is that he is a superman, who can do amazing feats. As soon as you put him in a cg world, it is just stupid. You lose any suspension of disbelief.

The best part of Goldeneye is that tank sequence, other than that the movie has little to no excitement. The villains are bland, the acting is wooden, the love interest is boring. Everything about this film is just bland. One of the worse parts is that “Q” is obviously reading off of cue cards.

One of the best things to come out of Goldeneye is the fact that Judi Dench played “M”. I really like the direction that the series took the character “M”, but in this movie they tried so hard to make her a ball buster, that she became so annoying and unbearable. I am glad that her character was fleshed out a little more in subsequent Bond flicks.

I do like Famke Janssen in this film. Even though she is the most single dimensional character, at least she brought some excitement to her role. Other than her, Sean Bean, Robbie Coltrane, Izabella Scorupco (who is way hotter without her Goldeneye haircut), Allan Cumming, Pierce Brosnan and Joe Don Baker are all BORING!! Don’t get me started on the Eric Serra score.

Don’t let the video game fool you. This movie is not an action fest, which would be fine if the story wasn’t another “laser pointed at the earth” senario!

★ ★


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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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