Holiday Favorites


I love that someone decided to take the classic christmas story of a man who visits his estranged family for the holidays, only to reconnect with them in the end, then fill it with violence! Die Hard is probably the best Action Packed Holiday Classic!! The only other action/christmas movie that i can think of is Die Hard 2, which i find just as entertaining. Not a single christmas should go by without watching Die Hard!


When i say Holiday Favorites, i am not saying it because it is “P.C.” to include all holidays, but rather, i use Holidays to say that there are some good New Year’s Eve movies out there too and none are better than The Poseidon Adventure!! There are a ton of remakes of this classic, but all of them pale in comparison. The SS Poseidon has just capsized and it is up to Gene Hackman to escort the passengers and crew to the bottom of the ship which is now the top of the ship! A giant metal christmas tree is the perfect place to start this dangerous trek!


I don’t remember a holiday season when i didn’t watch A Christmas Story. I don’t know when this huge Christmas Story resurgence happened but i kind of like it. I don’t mind that there are now a billion products out there with leg lamps on them, because no matter how commercial it has become, when i sit down and watch the movie, it still feels like a quiet intimate movie that reminds me of Christmas Past.


It is no coincidence that George Lazenby graces every 007 calendar on December. No, it’s not because they just threw him in at the end. It’s because On Her Majesty’s Secret Service takes place during the Christmas season. I have to watch this movie every christmas and i am pretty sure i am a better person because of it. Nothing says Merry Christmas, like bullet in your new bride’s head!


CQ is one of my favorite films. In fact, it is in my Top 10. This film does not have many holiday themes in it, but it does take place from December 20th through the New Year between 1969 and 1970, which is enough for me to watch it this time of year.


This movie is a full on Christmas Film. If you haven’t seen this movie and are tired of the same old Holiday fare, i recommend this action, adventure buddy detective comedy! Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr are incredibly funny and Michelle Monaghan is great! This is my favorite new holiday classic and have watched it every Christmas since it hit home video.


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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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