Clone Wars: Season 1 – Blu-ray Review

It’s pretty well known that I like Star Wars. I really like the universe and mythology. Even though the prequels were not the greatest of motion pictures, I definitely like that the Star Wars universe has been opened up with more technology, life forms, droids and locations.

The thing that i noticed from the prequels is that George Lucas has an active imagination and his team of artists and technicians treat the series with great affection. If you put the Star Wars universe in someone else’s hands, they take care of it better than George Lucas would ever do. He is full of imagination, but does not have that filter that us fans would have.

When i first heard that they were making a Clone Wars series, i had pretty much dismissed it as a children’s show and decided that it was going to be a cartoon made for those kids from the prequel era of Star Wars. Last Christmas i received the “theatrical Clone Wars” on blu ray. I watched it and thought it was really boring. It sort of doused any flicker of hope that i had for Star Wars.

But for some reason i decided to set the Tivo to record an episode of the series and i have to tell you, this is actually a really good show. There are moments that are definitely geared towards the younger set, but the great thing is that the people behind the show try to filter out some of the more questionable aspects of the prequels and make them more “classic” friendly. There is a lot of dialogue in the series which are lifted directly from the original trilogy. There is also a lot of technology and creatures that bridge the gap between the classic and prequel trilogies. And thankfully you don’t have to watch too many episodes before it starts catering to those who have given up on Star Wars.

Thanks to this show bridging the gap between episode II and III, it really makes those two films a little bit better. It adds weight and dimension to some of those characters you only get to see briefly in the films.

Last week i received the entire first season on Blu ray for only $34.99 on Amazon, which is an absolute STEAL for what you get. The Blu Rays are packed with extras, including director’s cuts, featurettes for each episode as well as artwork for the series. The packaging is amazing. The discs come in a booklet filled with amazing artwork from the series. The footage looks incredible in 1080 and really shows off the great “painted” style of the series.

Anyone who was into Star Wars at one time in their life, only to be let down by the prequels, this is a great way to feel like a kid again. These are Star Wars in the literal sense and it is great seeing World War 2 type of warfare set in the Star Wars universe and Blu Ray is the only way to watch these! Finally, it’s Star Wars in Saturday Morning Serial Form!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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