For Your Eyes Only

After Moonraker shot James Bond into outer space, there was only one place for 007 to go next. Greece! For Your Eyes Only would mark the second time in the Eon Productions franchise in which they decided to bring Bond out of the world of fantasy and back into the world of Ian Fleming. FYEO took elements from the Ian Fleming short stories “For Your Eyes Only” and “Risico” to create a down to Earth approach 007.

Old ass Roger Moore would once again portray the super sexy secret agent. In this installment, Roger Moore plays 007 with less tongue in cheek, which i don’t think is an entirely good thing. There are some points where Moore is too serious and it does not work as well for him as say a Connery or Lazenby. I think that Roger Moore’s lighter take on Bond works just fine.

Of all of the “Back to Fleming’s Roots” films, this is my least favorite of the four, but it is still a great movie. The action is really good and locations are amazing. When i was younger i kept hearing about how one of the bond girls in FYEO was actually a man so for a long time i swore that the main lead, Carole Bouquet was actually a man. I think because she had such a stone cold face and was dubbed that i just decided that was enough for me. I later found out that she is not a dude, but a lady! That’s good to know.

I am not a fan of Bibi Dhal in the film, but mostly because American Bond girls are annoying and Lynn-Holly Johnson was just to young for Roger Moore, who was seriously Fifty Four at the time. I think there was a 36 year age gap between the two of them. Luckily Bond was supposed to be annoyed with her and not be into banging away on her.

Probably my favorite part about the movie is the hilarious score by Bill Conti. It has to be heard to believed.

All in all i like For Your Eyes Only. It doesn’t blow me away, but at least it isn’t as heinous as the next few 007 outtings!

★ ★ ★½


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