A Badass Year for Movies – 1982

This past week i decided to scratch an itch that i had been letting fester for a while. I wanted to watch The Dark Crystal. So on Monday, i wasn’t feeling well and felt that it was the perfect time to pop it in. I laid on the couch and paid close attention to it and realized that it was a pretty amazing piece of work. I had seen it a million times on cable when i was a kid, but i am fairly certain that i had no clue what was going on. The same goes for the movie that i decided to pop in on Tuesday night. Tron.

Tron was one of those movies that i had never fully understood until i watched it this week. I can chalk this ignorance of Tron’s “complex” plot to innocent youth and the slow pace of the film.

Last night i decided to pop in another slow paced science fiction film that baffled me when i was a youngster. Blade Runner. Blade Runner is a film that i become a bigger fan of with each viewing. As i sat and watched this film, knowing the full story front to back, i decided to analyze it’s story telling as well as it’s technical merits. Blade Runner is an outstanding piece of art and is the favorite of the three films i have mentioned.

Right now in theaters is G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and i couldn’t be any less excited. In fact, there isn’t a single movie that has been released this year with the exception of a few that could give a crap about. There is something like three or four films that i think of as entertaining, but not even close to being that good.

2009 will never be looked back on in such a high regard as the year that Blade Runner, Tron and The Dark Crystal were released. 1982. Check out this list of movies!

48 Hours
Airplane II: The Sequel
The Beastmaster
Blade Runner
Conan the Barbarian
The Dark Crystal
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
First Blood
The Forbidden Zone
Rocky III
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Swamp Thing
The Thing

These are all movies that i would stop and watch if they were on tv right now. That is 17 movies that were released in 1982. That is more than one awesome movie a month. I know that some of them aren’t the greatest, and nostalgia may be interfering with my opinions, but they will blow just about anything that came out this year out of the water. If you look at the full list, i am sure there are movies that i left off, that you would love to watch right now.

So, here’s to 1982, a badass year for movies!!



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