Comic Con ’09 – Preview Night

Well, the time has finally come, i am at San Diego Comic Con! So far it has been pretty eventful. The first people i came across was Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast as well as Ryan and Jenn from the Transmission as well as a slew of old friends from the LOST podcasting community. I ran into Geoff Johns, the gang from and Michael Cerna of all people.

I got to check out some cool booths, including James Cameron’s Avatar. I got to see a full sized Batpod from The Dark Knight at the Lego Booth and a ton of awesome comic creators at the Image Booth. Ryan Ottley is my hero!

I spent money during Preview Night on the few things that i came to Comic Con for. I snatched up limited prints from Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham from ! They are awesome!! Pictures to come soon.

I also picked up a numbered copy of Jamie S Rich and Joëlle Jone’s book You Have Killed Me. I have not had a chance to read it, but it is a beautiful hardcover crime book that looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to meet them tomorrow and have the book signed. I picked up the limited Comic Con edtion number 13 of 50. Seemed like a cool number to have.

After being foiled by the exclusives i was supposed to pick up for work, i got the chance to roam the Exhibit Hall and see a bunch of awesome sites! Check out my Facebook page and see all of the incredible nerd things that i was lucky enough to take pictures of!!

One of the coolest things i got to see was the Larry “Buster” Crabbe Flash Gordon figure from , that i had pre-ordered last November! The figure was behind glass so all my pictures turned out blurry. I will try to get some better shots tomorrow.

After i had left Preview Night, i hung out in front of the Hard Rock Hotel (which is where i am staying) and saw a whole bunch of famous people. I had a discussion about Steve Weibe with Adam Sessler from G4 TV’s X-PLAY, which was really great! He loves Weibe and is definitely rooting for him to dethrone Billy Mitchell!

While i was sitting out front, i also saw Harry Knowles, The entire gang from TheDigitalBits.Com, Richard Hatch (BSG, not Survivor), Jim Lee, stupid Rob Leifeld, Stryker from KROQ, Tyrese Gibson and Andy Samberg all within the span of 45 minutes! It was pretty amazing.

I have only been in San Diego for 10 hours and it is already shaping up to be a great Comic Con.

Be back with more stories tomorrow!!



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