1/6 Scale Dutch

One of my all time favorite movies is “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch, the leader of a top secret platoon that ends up fighting a space alien in the jungles of South America. Of all of Arnold’s roles, Dutch has always been my favorite. I like his other characters, but none of them are more human than his character in Predator. Predator is one of the few times that Arnold actually gets his ass handed to him, but it only makes him cooler!

Years ago, when McFarlane Toys was making all kinds of Movie Maniac toys, i always hoped that they would make a Predator figure or a Dutch. I always wanted a Dutch toy. I guess i figured that GI Joe was a pussy compared to Dutch, mostly because GI Joe never went head to head with anything remotely close to The Predator. I mean, cme on, was Cobra Commander supposed to be the best they had?

Dutch would have always made the ultimate GI Joe figure and now, in a way, he is! Today i purchased a Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (apparently that is his name) action figure from Hot Toys. Ever since i have worked at the comic shop, i never really had the urge to spend the kind of money on a toy as the other guys do, but this one i could not pass up.

I knew i would feel guilty spending so much money on a 12″ action figure, so i mentioned it to Stevi and started to sell some stuff on eBay. It only took two auctions (15 comic books and one out of print CD) and this figure was all mine. Guilt Free!!

The figure stands, as i mentioned, 12 inches and looks absolutely amazing! They gave him these translucent eyes that make the figure look eerily real. He comes with a pistol, two grenades, a cigar, two gigantic knives and his awesome M-16 with grenade launcher!! The clip is removable and you can see the little painted bullets inside.

The face of the figure (shown above) looks amazingly real. It is like they killed a tiny Arnold and stuffed him in a shoe box. The body is modeled after Arnold’s actual body in the film and has a creepy rubber feel to it. I attempted to take his three layers of shirts off to check out the Sculpt (i know how that sounds), but the clothes were so intricate that i was afraid that i would not be able to get it all back together unless i had time to do it.

I feel like a total nerd (Andy from 40 Year Old Virgin comes to mind) but i am pretty stoked on this figure and you should totally check it out!


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