Live and Let Die

Hey everyone, it’s Roger Moore!! Live and Let Die came out in 1973 and Roger Moore brought his own spin on the 007 character. He took what Connery and Lazenby did and flip it on it’s ear. Instead of playing Bond as a steamrolling brute, Moore went the charming gentleman agent route. Not that Live and Let Die is a great movie or anything, but Roger Moore’s take on the character was a fresh take on a series that had already survived seven previous films.

Live and Let Die brings 007 to the United States for the second time in a row, which means more annoying American bond girls. This time around we get Rosie Carver who makes Tiffany Case look like a delight. She is really annoying. As far as the movie goes, it is ok. There is some weird voodoo shit that goes down and a lot of racism, mostly thrown at James Bond himself. I think they call him a Cracker and a Honkey.

The cool thing about this movie, is that it is the only James Bond film that features Roger Moore as a younger person. The following 6 Roger Moore films feature a much older dude. SO MUCH OLDER. The funny thing about this movie is that they really try do distance itself from the Connery movies that had come before. Roger Moore does not smoke cigarettes, he smokes cigars. He does not drink Martinis, he drinks whiskey with branch water, whatever the fuck that is. For the first time ever, there is no Q. It is amazing that the movie was a success, but i guess in 1973 people were looking for something different.

All in all, Live and Let Die is a pretty decent movie. I like a lot of the characters, like Tee-Hee, Whisper and Baron Samedi. Jane Seymour is pretty good as Solitaire, but i am not sure i like that she gets bamboozled by James Bond in such a sleazy way. As for the main villain, Mr. Big/Kananga, i think that Yaphet Koto is really boring, but goes out in one of the funniest ways of all the James Bond baddies.

It’s an alright movie and it a breath of fresh air from the super-shitty Diamonds are Forever.

★ ★ ½


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