Dancing Deathfoot III

Many years ago i did some work with Associated Films, a small independent group that made movies on the weekends for no money. Along the way we met up with the folks from Scavenger Films and would make 24hour movies. These were movies that had to be conceived, written, shot, edited and scored within a 24 hour time period.

A lot of the gang took turns at the helm of each film, when it came time to direct mine, i chose a Kung-Fu epic. Me and my friend Dylan had talked about doing a movie for Scavenger Fest that was shot entirely in reverse. The result was Dancing Deathfoot III.

It was a little tough staying awake during the entire shooting schedule, which lasted from about 10:30pm until 11:00am, but it was worth it. I remember being able to catch some sleep during the editing process. When i woke up we had only enough time to dub the audio live, in one take. Everyone who was providing the voice over needed to know the entire story and each scene, because we were only going to get one shot at laying down an audio track.

If you notice, i provide the voice for the main villain, and a lot of time i am not “synced” up correctly, because we were all using one microphone and my vision of the screen would be blocked. The interesting thing about this “live” recording was that not only did i provide the voice of the villain, i also performed the Nose Flute for the song, which was also done in the same take. To this day, it amazes me that ALL the audio was done in one take. This is just a testament to the people involved.

Another testament to the talent behind the film, is that when we presented this movie, a mere 24 hours after we got the “Rules”, nobody had realized that the ENTIRE movie was shot and acted in reverse. It would usually take a second viewing to notice how well the gang “backwards acted”.

I wish that i had gotten more than 24 hours to write and direct it, but all in all i am INCREDIBLY proud of “DANCING DEATHFOOT III: Revenge of the Unscrupulous Kung-Fu


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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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