Drag me to Heck

I was fast forwarding through commercials, like i do, and had to stop it to watch the latest trailer for Sam Raimi’s Drag me to Hell! For the last year or so, i kept hearing about how Sam Raimi was going to return to horror and it was going to be rated R.

With all the these Japanese PG-13 remakes showing up here in America, i was super fired up to see one of my favorite directors return to the genre he started in. I could not wait for him to show all of these pussy PG-13 movies how things are done!

Well, when i watched the latest trailer i couldn’t help but notice that somewhere along the way someone pussied out and decided to release the fucking PG-13 cut of Drag me to Hell in theaters.

I know that Sam Raimi is now the Spider-Man guy and that he probably has some sort of kiddie following, but fucking grow a pair dude. I cannot believe that any studio would tell Sam Raimi, at this point in his career, to tone down the film. This is ridiculous. Maybe Danny Elfman was right when he said “…He [Raimi] went to sleep and somebody put a pod next to him and when he awoke, he wasn’t the same person…”

I was really excited to go see this movie, but now i might have to wait for an unrated version when it goes to Netflix. Or i could just do what i did with Die Hard 4 and not see it at all.

Bruce Campbell’s career is spinning it it’s grave!



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