In 1964 James Bond became the biggest shit ever, with the release of Goldfinger! This is it gang, if you only watch one 007 film ever, this should probably be the one. Although it is not in my top 5, it is the quint essential James Bond film. This on has it all, but it may have too much for my tastes.

So here is the basic plot. James Bond is sent to tail Auric Goldfinger, a man who MI6 believes is smuggling gold illegally. During the chase, James Bond finds out that Goldfinger has been using his profits to start up Operation Grand Slam, which involves the detonation of an atomic device in Fort Knox, which will raise the price of his gold ten fold.

This is the first James Bond adventure that has the one night stand who gets murdered, the good girl as well as the bad girl who turns good due to the advances of 007. This film also has the first in a long line of “gimmicky” henchmen. Known as “Odd Job”, this mute uses is wrestler strength and steel brimmed bowler cap to take out his victims.

This is also the first James Bond movie to introduce an pre-title sequence that acts as a mini adventure that does not affect the main plot of the film. This is also one of my favorite pre-title sequences, mostly due to John Barry’s amazing cue “Bond Back in Action Again” (which is later referenced in David Arnold’s Tomorrow Never Dies score).

Goldfinger also marks the beginning of James Bonds car of choice, the Aston Martin DB5. A gadget filled car that will launch an enemy with an ejector seat, drop a lethal oil slick in it’s wake and shield any secret agent with a bulletproof partition.

There is no denying that Goldfinger is a great movie. I think that it is the most viewer friendly and very accessible to the masses. It is definitely a crowd pleaser!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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