The Dharmalars: SOS-316

When Craig stopped doing the “Make Your Own Kind of Music with Scott and Steve” podcast three years ago, I was pretty disappointed. Three weeks had past and I had come up with an idea to gather some other Lost podcasters and die hard “MYOKOM” fans to send some audio files and do a show. Armed Ryan’s laptop and my friend Ben, we started to record reviews based on the episodes that Craig missed in hopes that he would return.

The idea worked! Craig returned with Ryan Howard and made the announcement that the Dharmalars would continue on his feed. I remember listening to that show and thinking, What? I had fun doing the show, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt doing a show. I mean, i was already talking about Lost with Ben, i might as well record it. People seemed to enjoy it, so the show went on.

After three years of doing the show, I just could not go on. I have been struggling all season to keep up with the show. It takes a lot of time out of my already busy schedule and of all the things in my life going on right now, this, unfortunately is the most expendable. I love this show to death. Just talking about canceling it makes me upset.

I love the show with all my heart and I have had a blast over the last three years editing and posting it. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will continue to check emails, post on and check the myspace page. I highly encourage everyone to check out The Transmission, The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack and especially The Lost Initiative with Kim and Aimee. I hope that Jimmy continues the Lost Score. He is a major part of the dharmalars and my favorite.

It is hard to say goodbye, but i hope that i see you in line for the Lost Panel at this year’s comic con!



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