“Here’s Where the Fun Begins”…07

i have lived a long life. i have been living for about 1,468 weeks now, and it is this coming week, that is gonna last the longest. as you can see from my subject heading, star wars is just 7 days away. even though i have not spent a lot of time posting on my livejournal, it does not mean that a lot of exciting things haven’t happened to me. For starters, a couple of months ago i had my 28th birthday, and for that birthday, stevi got me a Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Episode IV Empire Strikes Back Force FX Light Saber. It is fucking SSSS WEET!!!!!!

if you are are not familiar with how badass a force fx light saber is… check out this sweet video demonstration from fire box….


dude, how cool is that?

so anyway, i am taking it with me to stand in line all day, and so are the 5 or 6 people who bought one just because they handled mine!!!!!!!

talk you before the 19th kids, and…

May(19th)The Force Be With You



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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

3 responses to ““Here’s Where the Fun Begins”…07”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Yeah. It is pretty sweet. You should kiss that hot wife of yours, look deep into her eyes and tell her how perfect she is since she got you that “sweet” light saber and she’s so brainy and gorgeous and all. Then buy her a Shag painting and take her to bed like a diamond commercial.

  2. interociter says :

    That’s Hot
    Wow, that’s some good commenting. Got me all hot and bothered. I only wish the lightsaber I wanted to purchase was available so I could bring it with me next week. As is, I’m hoping to dig out my Darth Maul.

  3. Stevi says :

    It’s never too late for these shenanigans.

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