hey everyone, i have been neglecting my livejournal the past week or so, cause i have been updating my shit at i am hooked. It is way better than Friendster (do you hear me seth?) i suggest that if you want people you know, to look at who else you know, while looking at pictures of you, head over to RALPH’space.

I am a huge fan of the hit show “LOST”. Now anyone who knows me, knows that i am not a big fan of “hit” anything. i’ve never been into things that are trendy (i.e.- trainspotting, swingers, red hot chili peppers,mel gibson films and especially not Network TV). but i tell you one thing, i like this show Lost sooo much, that i am writing about it on my livejournal, because i am sooo excited that a new show is coming up on wednesday. it has been like 3 weeks, and now i get to see more of the story revealed….!

and one more thing. STAR WARS is like a month and a half away!


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

6 responses to “Myspace/Lost…53”

  1. casinoskunk says :

    oh, by the way, that piece of shit…
    …well i ordered it.

  2. interociter says :

    What else could you do, though? The wall looked incomplete.

  3. cowboypants says :

    i have to work wednesday night, the super horse will probably show up, just because i wont be there to watch.

  4. mrs_taco says :

    boy. you’re pretty excited for being in a crappy mood.

  5. Stevi says :


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