well i just wrote an enrty that was like 8 pages long, and my internet crashed as soon as i tried to spell check the asshole.
fuck you , there will be no story about ralph garman’s showbiz report, unless i feel like it in the next week or so.


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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

6 responses to “FUCK YOU COMPUTER!”

  1. wakon20 says :

    this is random…but this is that one cool girl that you work with…vikki…the young girl…anyways i put you on my friends thing, ok? ok buttface! jk

    • casinoskunk says :

      dear fellow asshead!
      sure vikki, i will totally accept you as one of my frieds, lord knows i could use a few more. i was actually thinking of getting rid of my current “friends” and trading them in for new ones.

      • wakon20 says :

        Re: dear fellow asshead!
        yeah i could see that you needed some friends. or atleast some new ones, being that lenny and carlos are on your list. you my friend, are lucky, because now that u added me, you look cool. since you know i am the king of coolness and stuff. you are now among the cool crowd..how does that make you feel ralph? because, it should make you feel…well cool.

      • interociter says :

        Re: dear fellow asshead!
        Dude, when you trade in friends, I hope I’m hiding behind the couch or something. I don’t wanna get traded.

      • Anonymous says :

        Re: dear fellow asshead!
        Whatever! I will trade Ralph before he trades me! I will trade him to the Minnesota Timberloaves… see how you like it there beotch.

      • interociter says :

        Re: dear fellow asshead!
        Dude, don’t mock the Timberloaves. They pretty much schooled our beloved Cubbies yesterday.

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