Just Eat More Cakes and Pies!!!…292

I just found out, that one of the craziest movies ever, is coming out on DVD soon, The Forbidden Zone.

Made by Richard Elfman, and starring Herve Villechaize, this black and white cult classic is the shizznit!

I first heard about this movie, when i received the Danny Elfman compilation “Music for a Darkened Theater”. One of the last tracks on there was a Cue from the Forbidden Zone. It was a really cool piano solo, which made me interested in the movie. I knew, from the liner notes, that the movie was Danny Elfman’s first score, and was a small movie directed by his brother.It sounded like a sweet deal.

One day while at “Big Choice Video”, i saw a video with a girl on the cover, holding her boobies. I was all like, “What the fuck is that”. Wait a minute that is called the Forbidden Zone. I examined the package, and realized it was the one that Danny Elfman scored. So i rented it. I decided to record it on a blank tape i had, as i watched it. HOLY SHIT!!! this move was the most disturbing, fucked up thing i had ever seen. Granted i am like 14 years old. I had never seen a CULT type movie before. and this shit scared me! it is the strangest thing i had ever seen, and too this day is the strangest film i have ever seen. and i have seen strange.

anyway, it has been about 13 years since i fist saw that movie, and finally i will have it in a version better than my Stolen Copy, or the video copy i purchased.

check it out on Amazon here..

or hunt down more info, on the WEB!


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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

6 responses to “Just Eat More Cakes and Pies!!!…292”

  1. lobsterboy says :

    it’s those Boobers
    King Fausto scares me and squeezit the chicken boy and his transvestite brother make me laugh. and especially the cameo by danny elfman is worth buying.

    • casinoskunk says :

      G is GAY!
      There are like a million and five more reasons to BUY this masterpiece. i would name them all, but i have a load of wash to do…laters suckers, and pre-order the shit on Amazon.

      • interociter says :

        You’re The Faggot
        Damn, dude, I am stoked by this news. This fall is blowing up with DVD’s I want to purchase for my very own. I think I’ll have to get a third job!
        Ralph says this is the strangest movie he’s ever seen, and he’s seen Happiness. ‘Nuff said.

      • casinoskunk says :

        20,000 Volts In Her Caboose
        There is nothing strange about Happiness.
        Happiness is just, Laugh out loud FUCKED UP!
        Happiness makes you feel strange, because of some of the subject matters. Forbidden Zone is FUCKED UP.
        plain and simple…FUCKED!
        Another fucked up film i guess i recommend is,
        “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”
        I own this movie, cause it is a Zombie movie by Bob Clark. SO i figured i can’t go wrong. This movie is worse than Tron, when it comes to trying to watch it without falling asleep. i will get more than a half hour into it one of these days.

      • interociter says :

        Re: 20,000 Volts In Her Caboose
        Hoo boy, Tron can cause some Z’s. So can Jedi, when I’m not fully rested, and damned if I didn’t struggle through the last ten minutes last night. I knew what was going to happen, but I wanted to watch it.
        The dude hanging from the ceiling while Tattoo and the Queen have dinner. F’d up!

  2. Stevi says :

    See! Tron is sleepy.

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