I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed…295

I read today on MI6.com (http://www.mi6.co.uk/mi6.php3), that Pierce Brosnan has decided not to continue to play James Bond.

Now this is where all the shit goes down. As many of you know, i have my next “James Bond” on deck. Let’s just hope it works out.

There are many people up for the roll. From the list below can you guess which one i want to play 007?

orlando bloom
dr. acula
hugh jackman
hugh grant
hugh downs
tony dow
christain bail
jimmy smitts
james soeffner
heath ledger
mr. goodbar
brendan frasier
kelsey grammar
viggo mortinsen
sean bean
ben denny johnson
ewan mcgregor
heyden christensen
samuel l. jackson
sam j. jones
brian blessed
timothy dalton
steve martin
martin short
samuel sosa
ken burns
will eisner
michael eisner
paul reiser
eric idol
eric bana
eric serra
leif ericson
fuck eric
barry pearl
larry storch
ray harryhausen
and the hendersons

pick the best, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed!


About casinoskunk

...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

11 responses to “I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed…295”

  1. lobsterboy says :

    I thought Bond died after getting Herpes in Octopussy?
    hmmm, I’d like to see Ben Denny doing some fighing action, and after numerous misspelled names and due to the fact you have Clive Owen all in capitals (who has been rumoured to play Bond for quite some time) I just don’t know. blah blah blah, rumours, rumours, rumours. I’d like to see a tall, heavy set bearded man like Brian Blessed (who should have played Hagrid in Harry Potter) play the guy in the suit who gets all the hot chicks. It’s obvious as hell you don’t want Eric Bana taking the role. Hence you do have (I repeat) Owen’s name in capitals so is it OWEN???

    • interociter says :

      You Only Get VD Twice
      Bond did die in Octopussy, but Q invented super-penicillin. Just in time, too, because that 007 will dip his wick in anything! Anything!
      I like the list of potentials. Send it to casting, and they’ll probably run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.
      Do you think they’ll do the transition you wanted?

      • casinoskunk says :

        Re: You Only Get VD Twice
        They have always done a great transition.
        Don’t worry. in the next bond film, whoever is playing bond will be in the shadows, during some mission, and he will come out of the shadows to deliver some great one liner. It is how it works everytime, except for Roger Moore, who kinda just showed up.

      • interociter says :

        Re: You Only Get VD Twice
        I meant the transition where Brosnan dies and a new agent is promoted to James Bond 007.

    • casinoskunk says :

      you said octo…
      brian blessed, shit you might as well have jack black play The Green Lant…FUCK!!!

      • casinoskunk says :

        i hear that it might possibly be Eric Bana…

      • lobsterboy says :

        Re: you said octo…
        since you’re on the topic of Green Lantern, I was reading the Batman hush storyline the other day. kind of funny to see Bruce Wayne remembering his past with a childhood friend in Metropolis and seeing The Green Lantern fight the Icicle. just a small cameo.
        ~Le Nerd

  2. pursuit_agent says :

    looks like bana it is…what’s wrong with him? at least the picture next to the article made it seem like he’d fit in. after a hairdcut and a shave, or course. looks rather like pierce brosnan, actually…

  3. Stevi says :

    Look who’s not even on this list. The man. That blew. Our minds. Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Craig.

    • casinoskunk says :

      I don’t even think he was mentioned way back then. I probably had no idea who he was. I do like my reply

      “Don’t worry. in the next bond film, whoever is playing bond will be in the shadows, during some mission, and he will come out of the shadows to deliver some great one liner. It is how it works everytime…”


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