Fuck Eric…297

So i was thinking, what if Ben ditched his current middle name, and used mine instead. JUST WATCH HOW HILARIOUS It IS….

take ben’s full name and change it with mine.
1. Benjamin Dennis Johnson

that is not that funny,
so let’s try shortening it up.

2. Ben Den Johnson

that is a little funnier. how about this one. kind of has a funny ring

3. Benny Denny Johnson

what about initials, like B.D.Wong would do?

4. B. D. Johnson

Very Funny! you could burn someone with that one!
there is still my favorite of all the Benjamin Dennis Johnson variations, and this is it…

5. Ben Denny Johnson

if you say it out loud, it is kind of funny. What if the Mother Superior in “The Sound of Music”, sang, “Ben Denny Johnson”, instead of “Climb Every Mountain”, to Julie Andrews? that movie would be

(dope is a bad thing, ass is a bad thing, shit is a very bad thing, but put them together and they equal awesome!)


About casinoskunk

...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

5 responses to “Fuck Eric…297”

  1. iscoolstillhip says :

    I dont’ get it??
    I didn’t get it. maybe i’m just sleepy. or slow. or something else. so the real reason i’m writing this, is do to the fact i dont’ have your email. but yeah. you should go here and join
    and this one as well
    the bottom one is my personal fan club. do YOOU have a personal fan club. well………you might? i don’t really know?

    • interociter says :

      Re: I dont’ get it??
      This journal entry is not the place for you to pimp your fan club, man! He’s talking about changing my middle name against my will, here. I need to marshall my forces if I’m going to resist this. Which I probably won’t because Ben Denny Johnson is freaking hilarious. It reminds me of Billy Ten Denim, or whatever the dude from Ocean’s 11 is named.

      • iscoolstillhip says :

        Re: I dont’ get it??
        I ask for your forgiveness good sir. I had not realized he was forcing you to do something against your will. I didnt’ know you could do that? I just thought it was a random thought. A, “what if” if you will.

      • interociter says :

        Re: I dont’ get it??
        That’s what they want you to think, man. But when Ralph gets an idea in his head, there’s no shifting it. Before I know it he’ll divorce Stevi, take me to Boston and marry me, then assume power of attorney, contact the Social Security administration and apply for the name change, annull our gay wedding and get back with Stevi. It’ll happen so fast my head will spin. Ahh, but what a fun couple of days.

      • casinoskunk says :

        I get it!!
        Ben Denny Johnson sounds like
        johnson is another word for PENIS.
        that would be funny if the mother superior told julie andrews to..
        “Bend Any Penis”, instead of saying “Climb Every Mountain”!

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