Another Expensive LOTR Dvd For Me!…297

I’ve purchased the more expensive versions of the Lord of the Rings extended Dvds, that have been available. I purchased the one with the bookends, as well as the two towers, with Gollum. They are great, but i swore with two towers, and swore, with Return of the King, that i would just get the regular set. Well It’s happening all over again. it looks like i have to get the huge, obnoxious box set.

just check out this article from

In addition to the 4 disc set, there will also be another special collector’s gift set, that will include the 4-disc Extended Edition along with a bonus DVD – Howard Shore: Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony – A Composer’s Journey Through Middle-earth – and a miniature Sideshow/Weta statue of Minas Tirith, which doubles as a trinket box. Todd took some photos of the DVD packaging, so we’ll get those posted as soon as we can.


the funny thing about me buying two towers box, is that i had every intention of buying the dvd only version (the one without the statue). We were at Best Buy, and i was looking at the big box, just to examine the Gollum statue inside. Me and Stevi were in a rush to go have dinner with her grandparents, and she said,”Well are you ready to go?”. Still holding the more expensive box in my hand, i looked down and said,”Yes”. well there you go i just dropped about $60.00 on a DVD that was fucking fantastic!


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

5 responses to “Another Expensive LOTR Dvd For Me!…297”

  1. casinoskunk says :

    Why the DVD link?
    does anyone know why, when i type dvd, it changes it to a link?

  2. interociter says :

    DVD What?
    I do not know why it would turn into a link when you type DVD, but I can tell how torn up you must be about getting the Minas Tirith statue. You love trinkets!

    • casinoskunk says :

      Fuck Minas Tirith!
      I need another lord of the rings trinket, like i need another hobbit hole in my head. But i can’t go this far, and not get the fucking Score DVD! shit, that shit is made for my shit! i hate when people make things just for me. now i am obligated.

      • interociter says :

        Re: Fuck Minas Tirith!
        If you want, I can call Hollywood and ask them not to make anything for you any more. It’ll break their hearts, though, because they’ll have to scrap the Green Lantern movie.
        Hey, what if J.B. plays a whole new Green Lantern? Like there’s cameos by Hal and Kyle and such, and Jack is just this new guy. Would that still suck totally for you?

      • casinoskunk says :

        Re: Fuck Minas Tirith!
        I swear to baby jesus, and papa god, that if jack black has trouble figuring out the power ring, and hits himself in the head with a giant green mallet, i will murder myself in a huge bloodbath of suicide!
        let’s just say, i think that the green lantern movie will be’

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