Two Nijas Enter, One Ninja Leaves…322

I know i’ve only seen one Mel Gibson movie in my life, and i shouldn’t be quoting his films, unless it is from “Signs”. But i feel that this journal entry deserves this subject heading.

Today i cleaned my car, head to toe. As many of you know, i have two Ninja brand ninjas in my car. The pink one that was given to me by Dylan, and a yellow one that was found at work. I found that you don’t mearly get a Ninja, you earn it. As you know it took Turlock about 1 year to earn his, and Matt 2 like two and a half years to receive his.

Well the reason i cleaned my car, was because it is going away. I don’t know where yet, but i am sure it will be miserable away from me.

I took the pink ninja out of the flap that covers my dashboard clock controls. it has lived there, ever since i had the “Grandmabile”. As for the yellow Ninja, he is tucked away on the back dash. He was wedged through the rubber molding that seals up my third brake light. Thanks to the Earth’s yellow sun, it is too hot to take tweezers, and retrieve the tiny yellow man. I decided that if i couldn’t get him out, he would continue to live there, for all of eternity. This is a fate that no “master of concealment”, would be ok with. He must forever live a life of shame.

I wish him the best, and i hope that the Green ninja, given to me by my wife, will not suffer as much as the yellow ninja did.

I am sure the green ninja will be totally happy with my new ride… “Tydirium”!


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

4 responses to “Two Nijas Enter, One Ninja Leaves…322”

  1. interociter says :

    So Many Feelings
    Well, I’m sad to see the Grandmabile go, because it was the fastest car known to man. It’s cool however, to hear about your new ride, and it’s sweet name. I suggest using both ninjas in the new ride, since that’s what I did when I got my new car. I’m also stoked at the idea of you driving places again. It’s been awhile, but it was always cool to ride when you were driving.

    • casinoskunk says :

      i wish.
      the whole thing, that was i could not get my ninja out. so if you want both of them in the new ride, then help me get the shit out, cause that little bitch is slippery.

  2. mrs_taco says :

    Tydirium the Explorer? Has a nice ring to it. Yeah, I’ll be glad to see him driving again too. Although, it wasn’t that bad driving around with me, WAS it Ben?
    P.S. Ralph taught me how to use my horn.

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