Ralph’s Gold Box…322

If any of you have user accounts on Amazon.com, you are familiar with the “Gold Box”. The gold box is a special page, made just for YOU. In the gold box, you will find ten items picked specially for you. These ten items are on sale, but only for a limited time of 60 minutes. you can see the next item, by giving up the previous item available, and never seeing it AGAIN!
you better choose wisely, or you may pass on an item you might want, and never see it AGAIN!!!!
Well, here is my take…The Gold Box Is Bullshit!
here is a small list of what Amazon has offered in “Ralph’s Gold Box” today. Seven different Pots/Pans, one set of earrings, a necklace, and a One Time Use Underwater Camera.

Gold Box is a waste of my time!


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4 responses to “Ralph’s Gold Box…322”

  1. lobsterboy says :

    Gold Box presents a massive load of junk (for a limited time).
    Ralph, I think you’re right on this one. Basically, the gold box consists of items that one would just randomly give away as wedding presents (items on my list include a frying pan, can opener, necklace, knife set, etc.). Hopefully, they’ll include a breadmaker and we can give it to some kid for his birthday.

    • interociter says :

      Re: Gold Box presents a massive load of junk (for a limited time).
      Word. The weird part is that Amazon totally has the capability to make purchase recommendations based on your user history. Why isn’t this tied into the Gold Box? I see purchase recommendations that I really want to buy all the time when I log in, and they should give me a discount on those.

      • casinoskunk says :

        Amazon’s Booty smells like ASS
        Have you even seen how much of a discount you get on these “great deal”? Not any more than you would get on any other Amazon purchase. they might as well put anything in the gold box. And Interositer is 103% correct, make them based on your recomendations.

  2. wanderingknight says :

    I have no love for the gold box. I do not want to buy Pots and Pans, I do not want to buy Green Eggs and Ham. I want to buy Spider-Man, leave me alone with your deals of spam.

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