Robert came over last night, and discussed the screenplay with me a little bit. He wanted to borrow the Star Wars Trilogy, so he can study Luke Skywalker closer, to get a better understanding of a character who is forced (no pun intended)into a larger than life situation.

I also lent him my copies of Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon’s trip to Mars and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. He knows the importance of these serials to me, and is going to research the serial style of story telling.

I started taking images from google, and altering them, so i can give Robert an idea of what kind of environments i am looking at. They are all nature shots, cut and pasted together, in order to give them an other world quality. I also started to work on more character designs, and i gotta say, i am really happy with how this latest race of men turned out.

if any of you want to hear story ideas or see some of the concept art, just stop by my house and ask. I have no problem showing you, what the future has in store for…

“Hack Lazenby: Inter-dimensional Traveler” -working title-


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

One response to “Script…324”

  1. interociter says :

    It Sounds Gay
    Actually, it doesn’t sound gay to me. I’ve been interested in this project for a while, and I’d be really stoked to see this script get written. More power to you, duder.

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