Free Online Translations ROCK!…325

Here is an article i translated from the Official Godzilla Final Wars web site.It is an article about actor/kickboxer Don Frye

The worldwide strongest grapple house, the K-1 soldier “Don fly”
participates to Godzilla FINAL WARS “! Even from Japan original flat
tire lath, boat wooden genuine victory performance decision!

The comprehensive grapple house Don fly which represents the United
States of America, performing to the last work which it should
commemorate it decided. Receives the love call from Kitamura dragon
flat supervision, with the captain of the 轟 heaven number which
fights “Godzilla”, performs to the Japanese movie for the first time
with Gordon part. Please verify the performance power and the
existence impression, by all means with the screen.

In addition, performance decides also the boat wooden genuine victory
of the original flat tire lath which unfolds numerous name game in the
Japanese grapple skill boundary! It appears as an instructor bear hill
part of the terrestrial defensive soldier loyal retainer whom Masahiro
Matsuoka plays.

Their strain as for the appearance scene which overflows also not
becoming the grapple skill fan, it probably is to be fascinated.


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

One response to “Free Online Translations ROCK!…325”

  1. interociter says :

    Funnier Every Time
    Dude, it was funny when I read it last night, and it’s even funnier today. I’m sure tomorrow it will be less funny, but for now, I’m riding the upswing of a bell curve.

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