The New Face of RALPH!

I wanted to make a totally sweet avatar for my Blog.

Since i am a huge Star Wars fan, i thought that i could alter my apearance to reflect that. I am a huge fan of being totally random as well. I figured that no matter how random i get in the Star Wars universe, i could never be THAT random. Sure i could put my head on Bea Arthur’s head, from the christmas special, but that would mean i would have to delve into expanded universe shit.

So what is my second claim to nerd fame?
GODZILLA! And who is more random, than that wonderful robot friend of Godzilla, Jet Jaguar?
Jet Jaguar appeared in only one Godzilla film, 1973’s Godzilla vs Megalon. this movie is a horrible pile of diareah, but i still love it.

so after a couple minutes on Google image search, and two minutes on Photoshop, Viola!
Ralph Jaguar!


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

4 responses to “The New Face of RALPH!”

  1. interociter says :

    Ralph Jaguar, go! That is an outstanding avatar. Maybe you could make one of me and Gadzookie? Actually, please don’t do that because it would make me sad.

    • casinoskunk says :

      Godzookie!?! Godzookie is a hack, a piece of crap character created by Hannah and Barbera, for their lame ass Godzilla show.
      If you would like a picture of Godzilla’s son, please ask me to do a picture of Minya, a piece of crap character created by Toho for their lame ass Godzilla movies.
      well to be honest, the whole point of my avatar was to be random, and if people see that your avatar is also a godzilla reference, they will notice that i have not had a live journal as long, and therefore think i was being unoriginal…and that would not be right.

  2. wanderingknight says :


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