A presence i have not felt since…


On May 25, 1977, Star Wars was released and the saga began. Some things never change though. The crowds still show up on opening day for Star Wars at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

an interesting note about May 25, 1977, was not only the birth of STAR WARS, but it was the day that Associated Films’ composer Daniel A. Downing was born. That must be pretty dope to be born the day Star Wars was released, unless you are Dan’s Mom.
If i were her, i would never let him forget, that because of you, i missed opening day of Star Wars episode IV.

At the time, it was not called A New Hope. That was not a title given to the film, until it’s re release in 1980, just before the Empire Strikes Back came out. So all you purist who get mad at George Lucas fixing things to make them match up with following movies, he’s been doing it since day one. I am glad that Star Wars episode IV is called A New Hope, otherwise that would not make sense.

and if you are still pissed about DVD changes, then you can whine all the way to my house and watch one of my 4 copies of the original cuts of Star Wars…


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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

3 responses to “A presence i have not felt since…”

  1. interociter says :

    I might have to start whining and come on over then.

    • casinoskunk says :

      i know your feelings about Special edition shit, and i know you are against Greedo shooting first.
      i hear they are altering that scene. i don’t know how, but they are.
      maybe greedo gets up and bitch slaps Han a couple times, then leaves.
      then han solo leave the bar and says,”sorry about the mess.” which is in reference to the turd he left in the stone booth, cause now he is a stone cold pussy!

      • interociter says :

        Re: punk
        That sounds like something Lucas would do. Keep coming up with ways to make that scene worse, I’m sure he’s listening to you. Also, that will help me get enough whining in so I can make it all the way to your house.

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